Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recent road trips to Goshen and Shipshewana, Indiana


My recent "wandering in wonder" has taken me to the land of Goshen and Shipshewana in the Amish country of northern Indiana, with my dear friends and fellow travelers, Ted and Rose Marie.  (For readers living in or visiting the Washington, DC area, "Amish country" is a shorter drive away, in southeastern Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania Dutch Country, familiar to some as the setting for the 1985 Harrison Ford / Kelly McGillis film, Witness.)


On Saturday, January 21st, I accompanied my cohorts on their regular rounds to the Goshen Farmer's Market and the Goshen Public Library, where we observed a gaggle of young Amish girls crowded around a public Internet terminal, looking (we guessed) surreptitiously at porn, which (we also guessed) consisted of the Wikipedia articles on indoor electricity and plumbing.  Upon leaving, we spotted their getaway vehicle in the public library parking lot:

GetAwayVehicle 2012 01 21


After lunch, we visited Yoder's.  Not just one Yoder's, but multiple Yoder'ses.  First, we visited Yoder's Meat and Cheese Market, where you can purchase locally produced meat and cheese, and other staples of the simple life, such as:

DehydratedAssortedMarshmallowsBits 2012 01 21


(in case your box of Lucky Charms is disappointingly marshmallow-challenged), and of course:


GummiFriedEggs 2012 01 21

which I frankly haven't quite gotten my mind (much less my taste buds) around yet.


Then we went next door to Yoder's for a delicious warm pretzel:

PretzelQuest1 2 2012 01 21


Onward, we visited Yoder's, the department store, where we confronted the existential question:

HaveYouHadYourFeetMeasuredLately 2012 01 21

(No, but when we feel the urge, we'll know where to go.)


On Saturday, February 18th, it was time to feed our pretzel craving again:

PretzelQuest2 2012 02 18

(Ted and Rose Marie and I are not easily satiated where warm pretzels are concerned,)


I'm suddenly hungry.


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